Quote of the Week: Alan Moore

A powerful quote from the Magician and Writer Alan Moore, allows us to reflect about our role as Mystery Performers in these present times.

How can we offer more than "cheap entertainment and manipulation"?

I love the use of the word "manipulation" in this context. Normally we think that we "manipulate" people, we "force" cards or even "control" them.

Yes, we need to do those actions during the execution of our Inner Reality, but I think that we need to be aware of this language in a subtle manner. 

Dont control
Dont force
Dont manipulate

Let the power of Mystery flow.
Be the one that allows Mystery to appear.

 Dont be part of the "tragedy", but offer your audiences powerful and beautiful moments using the wonderful techniques and technologies that we have in order to be a force of good and light.

Yes, be entertaining, but dont offer "cheap entertainment". Offer a powerful dynamic of interest and enchantment and realize that everything is important. It doesnt matter if you are doing the most "basic" performance piece. Do it with kindness and power. 

It is not about the Inner Reality, but the Outer Reality.

Lets be open about all the beautiful complexities of Mystery and Magic. Be curious about these topics in a psychological and philosophical manner. Im sure that you will find a LOT of powerful inspiration from other author that dont appear in Trick Magic of Mentalism books.

Have a magical and mental week! 


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