5 NEW Virtual Markets

This pandemic is a complex situation in various levels, and in a way or other touches the economic situation, especially of we only offer performances as professional services.

Diversification is a truly powerful concept that we need to apply consciously. For sure, our grandfathers or father were able to only embrace one professional label, and be a teacher or an engineer, but we live in a different world. We need different sources of income. 

Obviously one of the ways in which we can perform now is the virtual stage, and our "Oracle Virtual Act" is a 30 minutes experience of Mentalism and Psychic Performance that you can learn, but in here I will share with you 5 Virtual Markets that you can use in your professional life. 

1. Free Online Events: If you think and feel that you have interesting content to share with others, go for it! Dont sell smoke, be real and genuine with your expertise
How can you make money with free online events? 
The event is free of charge (30 minutes video on Facebook or a Zoom room) , but your potential income will come from a virtual BOR sale. For example, if you know how to work with pendulums (if not you can learn from Ideas about Pendulums) you can teach people in this "free event" how to use a pendulum in normal daily situations. Then you can sell any type of eProduct (eBook with deeper information, video, etc). 

2. Be a Speaker: If you are a good Mystery Performer, I am sure that you can offer talks for companies about great interesting topics. Use LinkedIn and connect with different PR´s and offer a professional online service. Record yourself in your speaking space and prepare unique approaches.

"How to influence the mind of your client"
"How to sell like magic!"

3. Be a Digital Writer: Related to the previous one, if you dont want to free events, you can just write an eBook to create an extra source of income. 
If you want to sell your Mentalism ideas, contact us!

4 Video Courses: Nowadays we can find several sites in which you can offer your videocourses (Udemy as example) . Learn a little bit about audio and video production and go for it! 

5. Online Reader: If you are a Mystery Performer, you can expand your possibilities and be open to be an Online Reader! Offer Cartomancy Readings, Tarot Readings, Palm Readings (asking people to send you a good picture of their hand) or any other one, using Zoom platform (you dont need to pay it if you cant. You will get 40 free minutes of interaction). 
I found that Instagram, especifically for this services works great. Be sure to learn how to take good pictures and use proper hashtags to attract new people in your profile.
If you dont know readings techniques and approaches, be sure to learn from our sources in HERE 

Be sure that for each one of this strategies you must to build a community of people interested in this. This is why you need to use Instagram, Facebook and all the others social platforms to build interest and potential clients.

These strategies are NOT the ultimate secret to be millionaire, dont fall into that trap. They demand time and hard work, but if you are persistent and you apply the correct approaches, I am sure that you will get not only extra sources of income, but new satisfaction. 

Now, invest time in your own education, expand your possibilities and dont let this pandemic be a negative factor in your professional life!
It is not easy, but we can change our reality with an optimist attitude and powerful strategies.


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