Quote of the Week:Max Maven

A beautiful quote from Max , that comes from Eugene Burger-Strange Ceremonies.

Every time feels the "more than ever", right? 

Our world, universe and our own subjective realities are filled with mysteries. Mysteries not just as notions that we dont understand (that science tries to understand) but notions and ideas that maybe we will NEVER understand due our limited consciousness. In Philosophy and Spirituality we can observe the "Mystery" as something deeper than just puzzles or unknown aspects. Mystery is a state, mystery is a way of perceiving, mystery is a way of life.
We can even understand Mystery (now with capital M) as the Tao from Taoism or as God from Judeo-Christian views. Literally what we are doing in Mystery Performance is to offer a playful interaction, sharing one aspect of this higher realm.

This is not religious thinking or dogmatic performance, but a deeper exploration of the nature of reality. Reality is inherently mysterious, and in an aesthetic manner we can share those ideas with our audiences.

So now your billet routines becomes so much more than just revealing the name of someone, right? It is an mysterious interaction that uses the phenomena of mindreading to metaphorize a powerful concept of connection, invisible communication, and anything that you want to express.

In the mind of a competent performer, Mentalism can become Para-Mentalism, going beyond the phenomena, creating a space of hyper-reality.

This week, the invitation is to experience your daily day as full of mysteries. Observe deeper, reflect, enjoy, smile and perform ! You dont need the latest updated trick, but an updated mind that can appreciate these notions.

We can advance the art of Mystery Performance. Lets do it together!



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