Birreality and Dual Reality

Reality is a fascinating concept from several different angles. Science, Philosophy and other practices dare to observe one of the deepest constructs and notions that our limited ordinary mind can comprehend.

In Mentalism, we can observe this notion but in a very short exploration. It is strange to see this because, in every performance, we are literally touching the essential fabric of reality, transforming what it can be considered as real.

From my beginnings I felt that this linear and dualistic way of method-effect was too reductionistic, leaving the truly essential aspects of the dynamic of performance. You know that you know that even the most basic "method" can result in a powerful "effect", right? So just understanding what we do as "method" is not enough, and understanding what is the "effect" is not enough.

That is why I started to understand the experience of the Mystery Performance as two simultaneous realities, from the perspective from the performer. We can find the Inner Reality of core methods, techniques and everything that allows us to create Outer Reality, which is not just the mystery piece in itself, but the excellent application of those techniques and core methods and every other aspect that allows us to achieve a Mentalism experience for our audience (staging, effective voice techniques, emotional skills, etc.)

This was called "Birreal" and you can read it for FREE in HERE 

I recently received this question: 
What is the difference of "Birreal" and "Dual Reality"?

Although they sounds like similar, they are not.

My mentor Kenton Knepper coined the concept "Dual Reality" to explain the dynamic in the interaction of the performance, in which we are pro-actively designing the space of mystery in such a way that the participant onstage perceives a different reality than the audience. Normally "Dual Reality" is applied as core method in our performances because it can allow us to create deeper mysteries with our audiences.  We can trace this in a historical level in Dunninger and many others, but Kenton was the first to create the concept (lets remember that language creates reality, so we NEED to say things as concept in order to make them appear in a perceived manner).

I LOVE Dual Reality (but I dont overuse it of course, as everything) because it truly shows that reality is flexible and open to adjustment. Dual Reality works as an expansion during performance, adding small subtle elements that can elevate the mystery from the audience perspective (or in reverse). Dual Reality is NOT Instant Stooge, and those understandings are important to reflect (maybe in other piece of content)

So as you can see, Birrealism and Dual Reality are actually different concepts. 
Dual Reality is a technical approach that we can add in our routines (and if you are a deeper student of Kenton and the concept, you will realize that you can add DR in EVERY piece) and Birreal is an epistemological observation of the nature of reality in Mystery Performance.

So now, if you are more interested in the nature of reality in what you do, read Birreal and study not just pieces that uses Dual Reality, but go with the original creator, Kenton Knepper!

 His site is , is FULL of innovative, avant-garde thinking that is the source of several modern Mentalism ideas that are now classics, thanks to his work.

I am sure that the work in "Birreal" is inspired by you my dear mentor, so THANKS!


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