Quote of the Week: Charles Tart

A new week, and a new quote to keep ! 

This quote comes from one of the pioneers in Psychology in the realm of understanding the mind, consciousness and specifically the "altered states of consciousness", Charles Tart . This beautiful quote comes from THIS conversation.

His book "Altered States of Consciousness" explores the use of hypnosis, dreams, entheogens and other ways in which human beings can move their state, exploring the mind in deeper and fascinating ways.

The state of the art in Mentalism is tending more and more to observe this explorations, outside our own conceptualizations and notions, which are normally dualistic in nature. Skepticism sometimes appears among Mentalists due the fact we can feel that "we know that everything is fake", which is a weak argument. 
A wig-creator doesnt say that hair is not real, right?

Just because you can create a reality it doesnt mean that this reality doesnt exist. 
If we hold a scientifism way of thinking, we will reach only until the point that science can reach. Dont get me wrong, mainstream and dualistic science is a beautiful human practice, but it is absurd to limit our understanding of reality due our limited lens of observation.

The mind and the brain for mainstream science are synonyms. There is no such thing as a non-physical manifestation of our cognitive activities. Sadly this dualistic notion just doesnt hold true real experience, especially in our experience as Mystery Performers. We KNOW through our own experience that the mind is a construct that is related with brain activity in a biological sense, of course, but it is SO MUCH than just that. Mentalists knows this from a empirical sense, and also Hypnotists.

Hypnosis is still a mystery for science, and some experimentations using hypnotic states and PSI phenomena shows that the mind can reach levels of communication that can be seen as telepathic.

A few week ago we also quotes Rupert Sheldrake, you can check that previous reflections as well.

The invitation is then to reflect about these notions and these ideas. Dont believe me, explore for yourself, study and observe your own insights.

We can only share our experiences. Rational knowledge is nothing without human experience, so go and explore! How knows?


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