Birrealism and Intention

How can we observe through the "Birreal" understanding of Mystery Performance the notion of "Intention"? 

Recently, one member of the audience (a performer colleague) in the "Oracle Virtual Act" asked me about a routine that he could not figure out.  I ask him which one, and he told me that it was the triple prediction (if you know the Oracle Virtual Act, you know that this is "Three Moments in Time"

 I ask him to narrate the memory of the performance, and precisely I understand why he was clue-less, EVEN when he knew the core method that most "triple predictions" use. He forgot a very important detail.

I told him that, and he could not believe it...


That is because it was my conscious intention during the creation and performance of this piece to allow me to create that potential reality, and I achieved that through the powerful dialectic between intention and attention.

Intention is Inner Focus
Attention is Outer Focus

My attention in performance will be the attention of my audience only if that attention is the same as my intention.

So my performer colleague forgot that moment because I was completely (Intention+Attention) focused in precisely that.

The power of effective communication, language and words allow us to literally paint a new mental picture in their mind. Remember that it does not matter what happened in the physical plane, all realities are mind-based in nature.

What is beautiful is that we can add this intention to ALL our performances. 

I have other experiences with the classic David Hoy-Bold Book Test (during a performance in colleague) that taught me this 10 years ago. I scripted my performance so before the revelation and during recapitulation, I could paint a new set of procedures that can create better mysterious impact.

Indeed, that linguistic strategy was pure Magic. The next day, I heard everyone telling the story of how Pablo read the mind of someone that was thinking a random word from any page of a book! 

So, align your intention with your attention as Inner and Outer Focus, and offer deeper mysterious experiences to your audience!


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