Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

(thanks Sebastian Konopix for that wonderful original pic)

One of the shortest and most powerful "Quote of the Week" ever. If you know a little bit about Mentalism, I know that you studied in a way or other the fantastic corpus of work from Bob.

His act structure, his attention to credibility and realism, the beautiful billet work that he did and so much more.

This quote appeared in his Q&A Masterclass, and it is a beautiful way to focus the attention and intention into the performer and not in the specific methodological approach. If we see the great Q&A masters, we can be aware that they were masters not because they had the ultimate electronic gimmick or whatever, buy because THEY were powerful as performers. 

It it not the Inner Reality of methods and techniques, but the Outer Reality of the performance, and that performance comes FIRST from YOU. That is why I focus so much on the "roots" as the basis of our tree.

Before any performance, repeat this 7 times : "I AM the Effect"
Notice how different you will approach your performance.

Thanks Bob for your legacy and inspiration!


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