Emma Wooding Remastered Volumen TWO!

 Remastered Volume Two – Psychological Forces  is a book dedicated to the art of Psychological Mentalism. 

Through this 180 paged book, you will learn over 20 new effects including propless effects, presentation focused effects, new principles, stage effects, card effects, thought provoking theory, billet effects and so much more. The majority of the effects aren’t language dependent, meaning anyone, anytime and anywhere can perform these jaw dropping effects. The book is designed for beginners, intermediate performers and seasoned professionals.  You do not need to own Volume One to own Volume Two.

So much so, that at the start of the book you’ll learn a simple (yet powerful) opener where you divine a thought of tic-tac flavor and at the end of the book you’ll learn how to create your own Psychological Forces.  



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