Quote of the Week: René Lavand

If we want to observe a performer full of powerful fruits of authenticity is René Lavand.

He was a Magician?
Unique one handed sleight of hand expert?

He was René Lavand. 

He was this man that had a dream, and he accomplished it in a magical and powerful way, taking life as an opportunity of resilience.

Imagine yourself: 8 Years old,  you feel the excitement to be the kid that "does magic". Suddenly, an accident and your lose your hand.

How can be Magic be relevant in this tragic situation?

Magic healed this young boy, not by making a new hand appear, but offering Meaning. Meaning that he designed in his brilliant career and performances around the world.

Each one of us is unique. Lets explore that uniqueness and lets learn from the masters.

Gracias René por recordarnos que la mente es poderosa, mágica y poética.



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