Multidimensional Typology of Mentalism


Max Maven in his classic Blue Book of Mentalism offers a typology of Mentalism based on phenomena. From this observation, we can create:

1. Telepathy
2. Claryvoiance
3. Precognition
4. Psychokinesis 

This is a very powerful model to integrate in our performance. We need to really understand what we are offering in the Outer Reality for our audience.

If you know the work of the "4 Technical Dimensions " , you can see that this classic model of multidimensional human understanding (that we experience reality through the dimensions of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit) can be also applied in a phenomenological way in performance!

1. Body: Mentalism experiences that involve the physical and kinestesic level of interaction and process. Naturally we can see aspects of the body in an explicit way in pendulum-based pieces, PK Touches, Which Hand, etc.

2. Mind : Mentalism experiences that involve the mental level of interaction and process. This is natural and explicitly expressed in Mentalism, and for that reason, sometimes is the only dimension in which we express (but we can change that integrating the other dimensions in our performances)

3. Soul : Mentalism experiences that involve the emotional level of interaction and process.  We can elevate in a great way the impact of our performance if we understand this dimension. That is why "readings" are so powerful as allied art for Mentalism. Any piece of Mentalism in which you can add a little reading can receive a new fresh air of pure mystery.  

4.Spirit: Mentalism experiences that involve the spiritual level of interaction and process. Naturally we can see aspects of the spirit in an explicit way in the classic "Q&A" act in Mentalism or in powerful demonstrations of telepathy. The true Q&A Workers know that the true power is not in the method, but the deeper connection that you can create with your participant. Not just an emotional connection, but deeper than that.

That is why most people dont explore the spiritual dimension, it is complex in many ways (but if you are still reading this, that means something, right?)

What is fantastic about this typology is that is NOT an exclusive observation, but an inclusive one. EACH Mentalism piece that we perform can involve ALL FOUR DIMENSIONS!
Each dimension adds a new layer into the ambiance of Mentalism that we need to create. We can reach a good performance just adding the body and the mind, but we can improve it adding both the emotional and the spiritual dimension, bringing attention and importance to the metaphysical interactions.

You can use your favorite billet technique (lets say the Minimal Tear from Telepathic Artifacts) to create a telepathic experience with your participant, in which you involve the body, the mind, the soul and the spirit.

You have in there one of THE best performances pieces ever, not because the billet technique is revolutionary, but because your performance observes all four dimensions.


So, this "Multidimensional Typology" is not only applicable to define, but also to improve. We can use the classic typology to understand the previous piece as "telepathy" but now we can integrate all four dimensions an offer an experience that truly allows our participant to be stimulated and moved from all dimensions.

This is just the beginning of this interesting concept, so any idea that you have just let me know.  Lets co-create this idea in service to all the community of Mystery Performers!

who knows? maybe a book will come from this piece of content...


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