Quote of the Week: William James

Willam James, the "Father" of American Psychology, was also highly interested in what he called "Psychical Research" which was basically Parapsychology. 

In him we can see that the exploration of the mind is not only related to what we already know, but what we can discover as potential. He was beyond the materialistic paradigm and he was not afraid to go to the edges.

Do you want to change your life?
Do you change your mind?

The ONLY way in which we can change any aspect in our life is to FIRST being able to change your mind. I dont mean to just change opinion or view, but to truly being able to be the designer of your own well-being.

Lets remember that "mind" in this context is not just related to "thoughts", but a holistic view of consciousness. Everything that we experience, everything that we feel and think is part of this mind. From that definition, is interesting now to re-observe what Mentalism as artform can achieve, right?

The invitation for this week is then observe something from your life that you want to change, and ask yourself:

What can I do in order to change my mind regarding this?

Then act with proper intention. 
Thats pure practical mental alchemy.

Explore your mind, it is a fascinating space!



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