Quote of the Week: Alan Watts

Our weekly inspiration comes today from Alan Watts, modern speaker and philosopher with a powerful legacy of eastern appreciations and interpretations for the modern western lifestyle. 

are you completely engaged with Mentalism? 
Do you play Mentalism?

Being able to play in a focused manner is not easy at all, especially when if we dont de-construct all the notions regarding being an adult and believing that our inner kid is not present. In every moment in our life, we can experience an inner trialogue between our inner child, our inner father (male energy) and inner mother (female energy). 

How can we play Mentalism?

Practice and rehearse until you can smile in performance. If you can genuinely smile during your interaction with your audience, that means that all aspect of the Inner Reality are part of your unconscious actions, so you can focus your energies in to the Outer Reality aspects of authenticity and pre-planned casualness. 

As soon as we take Mentalism seriously, we can start to take Mentalism NOT seriously, understanding that Mentalism is a channel towards deeper human connection and not just a TADA moment that ends the goal of the experience.

This week, watch some kids playing. Observe them, how they are learning, engaging and imagining. We have so much to remember!

Be excellent, practice, rehearse and play!

Thanks Alan for your powerful inspiration



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