If you read and study "Birreal", you will find concepts such as "Inner Reality" and "Outer Reality", as well as this notion of "Co-Reality", that can be defined as :

"the collaborative space of interaction in which the Performer´s Outer Reality meets the Audience´s Outer Reality".

One of the greats advantages of this concept is the understanding of "collaboration" as fundamental value in the moment of the performance. When we perform, sometimes we can forget that we need the active participation and attention from our audience to create the ambiance of Mentalism, and sometimes even when we establish a powerful Outer Reality, we don´t get the needed energy from our audience. 

Why is that? 
Is because the piece that I am performing is weak or my performance was not powerful enough? 

Sometimes we forget what is essential, and we forget those fundamental initial moments of framing and rapport. In those "10 Seconds" of first impression and interaction we need to communicate the value of collaboration. Basically, our audience needs to understand that we are not performing to challenge them in a competitive manner, but to offer collaboration in your role as Mystery Performer.

As soon as we change this paradigm of competition to collaboration, we will be able to co-create this ambiance of new possibilities and fun explorations, inviting your audience to be together and to experience something unique in this magical space of "Co-Reality".

So, the "Co-Reality" is NOT only created by you. Your audience offers the needed 50%, and what we can do is to facilitate the conditions so they become enchanted (as Kenton says). 

If you are a real world performer, you know that some performances are just not good, and you know that did your best...and you know what? Thats complete fine.

There is an old saying that express the notion that the performer is the ONLY responsible in the performance, and I cant agree with that. Sometimes our best effort will not be enough to engage the audience, and thats part of the path. That is why we also need to choose carefully our performance spaces so we dignify the artform in a platform that will show the respect and needed attention.

So, I hope that you can not only "perform Mentalism" but also integrate this notion of "Co-Reality", observing in a deeper manner the importance of collaboration and co-creation in the moment of performance.

If you want to learn and explore these concepts, you can read Birreal for FREE or booking your Online Sessions! 


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