Quote of the Week: Harry Lorayne

Harry Lorayne is a masterful teacher, memory expert, close up Magician and creative author that offers us with this simple quote a powerful lesson. 

What is the ultimate goal of performance?

Our own enjoyment or the co-creation of a powerful mysterious experience?

Of course, Magic and Mentalism is a fantastic activity that teaches us the importance of practice and the potential of our own communication but I feel that the ultimate goal of performance is that moment of "co-reality", which goes beyond "Performance"

That mysterious moment in which everything that we do in our practice and rehearse comes alive in the unique collaborative interaction with our audience.

If you know the "Birreal" concept, you can see that we can translate this quote as:

"Is not what you do in your Inner Reality, 
but what you offer in the Outer Reality"

As you know, any Mentalism experience can have several methodological options. We can read minds using a billet, using playing cards or just a propless approach. Those inner conditions are obviously based in our own style and expertise, but if you perform for real people,  you know that the difficulty of a method doesnt relates directly to the beauty and mystery of the performance.

You can use a basic method and reach a powerful level of impact, or a complex method and reach nothing.

So, what is the fundamental aspect?

Is the Outer Reality. 
Is what you DO with your Inner Reality. 

In that sacred space of "Co-Reality" we will find the true potential of our ideas. Ultimately, Mystery Performance is NOT for us, is for our audience.

Keep that in mind.

Maybe you know how Harry did this, but still, you will never do it as him.

And that is a good thing! Because now you can ask yourself:

"How can I do it in such a way that
 I can offer the best Outer Reality possible?"

Choose the Inner Realities that allow you to reach your desire Outer Reality.

Study, practice, rehearse with a clear goal in your imagination. Our audiences dont really know the complexity of our Inner Reality. Lets be empathic with our audience and lets offer them powerful Outer Realities using the Inner Realities that we choose to use.

And as Harry said: "allow them to see miracles" , you can do them not because you know everything, but because you care.

Thanks Harry for your wisdom!



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