Mentalism Course: A systematic approach to Mentalism

You love Mentalism, you study Mentalism, your perform Mentalism, but do you have a systematic approach?

A path that can allow you to grow, learn and expand in a clear and powerful way?

There are many Mentalism sources regarding plots, pieces and inner methods, but what about our own self as performer?

The "Mentalism Course"  is a four-week journey in which you will learn, in a systematic way, a powerful approach to perform Mentalism.

Four-hour sessions, one per week, in which I will facilitate the experience of learning so you can get powerful insights-

Who am I? If you dont know it, my name is Pablo Amira (Mentalism Center Founder) and I feel blessed to offer this opportunity for all serious Mentalism students.

If you are interested in this course (and during the pandemic is 50% off) be sure to book your course! 



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