Quote of the Week: Carl Sagan

A beautiful and inspiring quote from the great astonisher Carl Sagan. 
A charismatic person that understood how to observe phenomena from the realm of spirituality and science without dualism. Astronomer, astrophysicist,, author and poet that opens up for us the powerful energy of curiosity.

How do you cultivate your curiosity?

In Mystery Performance we have the wonderful blessing to explore in an aesthetic manner the profound mysteries of the human mind. We are those ones that can bring an incredible moment for others. 

Are we doing that, or we guide our repertoire by the "latest and greatest?" 

Dont let others choose your own decisions. Explore in your own roots your clear intention, so you can express your authentic message in performance. Remember, in the path of authentic expression we will truly find the mystery that we can express in a sincere manner.

Dont perform just because of commercial aspects (new method, practicality, "fooler") but most important, be aware of the uniqueness of the moment and honor that experience with your unique curiosity!

Remember that if you want to explore in deeper ways your own roots and find a systematic path towards excellence and authenticity, you can take our "Mentalism Course" 

Thanks Carl for all this powerful inspiration! 



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