Quote of the Week: Garrett Thomas

(Photo Credit: Steven Volpe)

One of the most fascinating modern Magicians that combines powerful and original sleight of hand with a deep philosophical exploration and observations, our Quote of the Week today comes from Garrett Thomas.

It is amazing to see a real Magician. I dont mean tricksters or illusionists, but real Magicians. I know a few of them, and they truly communicates the realness of Magic as an experience that connects us in a spiritual way with others and with our self.

A Magic that feels like Magic and most important, a Magician that feels like Magic. 

Our ultimate mission is not just be a Mentalist, but BE Mentalism and Mystery.

Magic, in the genuine sense of the word, is truly the first origin of wisdom and knowledge. From the experience of awe in the symbolic space of the cave and the sacred journey in the mind, the Shaman brings to the community the needed conversations and solutions to be human. 

Science, Religion, Arts and Philosophy (The Four Pillars of Gnosis) are the fruits of Magic, and that is the Magic that Garrett is referring in this powerful quote (you can find MANY other gems in this video)

So, this week remember to be a TRUE Magician. Yes, a TRUE Magician can do powerful Mentalism because his Magic is not about tricks, but about Mystery.

Thanks Garrett! 



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