Quote of the Week: Jacob Collier

This powerful, young and magical Musician reminds us this week about the fundamental relevance of authenticity not just in Mentalism or any other artform, but life itself.

Why do you want to be someone else?

Each one of us has the unique opportunity to explore, to learn and to be the self-author of our own life. Yes, it is easier to copy other, and we can even see that imitation is part of the initial exploration of self-knowledge, but with conscious awareness that imitation is not the goal, but a way.

In order to "Be yourself", you must first "Know yourself", and that can be done in your own personal work and also with the facilitation of someone. That is why at Mentalism Center we offer the "Mind Mastery Course", an opportunity for you to explore and find your own self and potential.

Be authentic with each piece of Mentalism that you perform. Be inspired from others, but always poor at least one drop of your soul in each piece of performance.

Thats the only way to truly leave an impression, and not just "impress" others.

Thanks Jacob for the inspiration!



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