Quote of the Week: Milton Erickson

Today, we have a beautiful reminder from the Master Milton Erickson.

You dont need to know how to hypnotize to understand the power of his words (and if you want to learn hypnosis, you can take our Online Hypnosis Course of course) 

Just yesterday I was talking with a person, that show me the power of negative trances.

"I cant do it"
"My panic attacks are impossible to defeat"
"Everything is my fault"

and all those negative suggestions that put people into a spiral of destructive thoughts and patterns.

WE can offer change and transformation with everything that we learn thanks to the Mystery Performances. No , I dont mean just doing "tricks" to entertain (distract) people, but utilizing those conversations and our techniques and technologies in Mentalism, Magic, Hypnosis and just a simple human connection to remind others the possibility of transforming disempowerment into empowerment.

You can be an Empowertainer! You can take your tools of performance and reach a level of interaction that goes beyond!

Go for it, be bold and offer a moment of awe, light and liberation.

Thanks Milton for your inspiration!


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