2021, now what?


2020 was the year that taught us that an invisible virus can change our life.
2020 was the year that taught us that virtual innovation is not just the future, but a forced present.
2020 was the year when Mentalism Center started to focus in one-on-one courses and private teachings 
2020 was year when I experienced several powerful and life-changing moments that truly put priority in what is truly relevant and transcendent.

2021 is the year in which we can continue our expansion and learning.
2021 is the year in which Magic, Mentalism and all allied arts needs to be in true service of the world, using the wonderful excuse of entertainment to influence people in powerful and healthy ways.
2021 is the year in which you can change your understanding in Mentalism, applying new, fresh and powerful principles.

If you want to truly accelerate your processes, check our Online Services and Private Classes, so you can learn, unlearn and relearn what you need towards a better experience in Mentalism. 

The world is changing fast, lets be quicker. There is no time.


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