Quote of the Week: Theo Annemann


Our grandfather Theo, the one that reminds us the power of the true nature of Mystery Performance.

It is not what we do in the Inner Reality, but in the Outer Reality. 

It is kind of obvious when you reflect about that, but the true essence of performance appears in performance, not in your own personal study or preference of techniques.

Our methods and techniques of preference are always in service of the final result, which is the interaction and performance with our audience.

It DOESNT MATTER if you do a propless mindreading piece or your use a billet. People care about what you can offer them, not if your gimmick is electronic or not.

Sadly, most of the marketplace today offers new "fooling" methods, convincing us indirectly that this is where creativity must be focused. Take this words not just a criticism of what is happening, but as a motivation to move beyond what it is offered.

Explore your own authentic themes in performance. If you care about old video games, use that in an interesting way. If you care about subtle energies, apply that in your performance. If you care about the power of effective communication, you can apply that theme in a telepathic experience.

Work in your script, write some interesting lines that people can remember. For example, during a psychokinetic piece say:

"What is great about this experience is that it is not just a present feeling, during your day you will feel subtle energies, healing energies all around you..."

I love to offer that suggestion to people during a piece regarding energies. This is not only powerful to add credibility to the experience, but also you can reach a transcendence of the experience (fruits), adding deeper meaning. 

Work in your Outer Reality as much as you work your Inner Reality.

If you take one hour a day (or any time that you can) to practice your techniques and choreographies, also take one hour to rehearse, imagining the interaction and everything that will add beauty to the performance.

Thanks dear Theo for everything that you offer us as legacy.


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