The Pursuit Of Simplicity

Today my friend Dani from Valencia (Spain) shares this beautiful picture.
A simple breakfast for the body, and study of simple ideas for the mind.

What are you giving to your body?
What are you giving to your mind?

Simplicity is a path of complexities. Is about letting go of what is not relevant, both for the Inner and the Outer Reality, and focusing completely in the moment of performance and interaction with our audiences and participants.

Inner Complexities
Outer Simplicity

It doesnt matter how difficult is the technique that I choose to apply, from the Outer Reality it always must be felt as simple and beautiful. Simplicity is the path towards beauty.

Simplicity in the Inner Reality means that the best technical choices are the ones in which I feel completely freedom, and that is achieved not just by proper practice and rehearse but also the nature of the specific methods that I choose to apply.

Simplicity in the Outer Reality means that I have the goal in mind, and I already envisioned the experience so I know what I need to facilitate in order to achieve that image.

That is my exploration since my beginnings in Mentalism, and that is what I offer in this beautiful artform. 

Do you want to learn more about the power of simplicity and minimalism in Mentalism? Check my books Simply Mental and Simply Mental II 

PS: I fast everyday 



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