Connected oficially released!

Today "Connected" by Madame Q is officially released!

Al pre-order copies are already in the workings.

This books is written for anyone interested in the complete system of a working Virtual Psychic Reader. In here you will not learn HOW to do a reading (you can learn with our "Reading" releases)  but you will learn how to professionally offer the reading service from the safety of your own home .

Madame Q brings a feminine force into the Mentalism community that we truly appreciate and we value as fundamental in a new world of balance and deeper collaboration between all human beings towards a better future.

As Mystery Performer we can entertain people with your Magic or Mentalism, and we can also offer people a moment of symbolic co-interpretation. A reading is not about faking the prediction of the future, but the genuine connection with the symbols of the present.

With the information, insights and experience from Madame Q you will be able to start your independent business as Virtual Reader, adding a new source of income as professional Mystery Performer.

If you are interested, Connected is for you! 



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