Quote of the Week: Alejandro Jodorowsky

This week, an interesting phrase from "La Montaña Sagrada" (The Holy Mountain) one of the surreal masterpieces from the controversial Alejandro Jodorowsky.

The Tarot is not just an oracle, a tool of symbolic observation or the preferred way of several charlatans, but also a path of self-knowledge. As he shows, the 22 Major Arcana set is the "Path of the Fool", and in Jungian language, "the individuation process".
If we explore in a deeper way the symbolic and psychological implications of the major arcana, we can see archetypes that can reveal to us different aspects and moments in our own life, and that is why the Tarot is such a powerful tool in Mystery Performance.

Please, if you are interested in learning more, study from serious sources and authors. Read everything with healthy skepticism, so you can find the gems and throw away the unneeded ideas.

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The Tarot show us the nature of reality as images, which are powerful influence in our unconscious. Be aware of that and open your mind to new ways of understanding. The Tarot is part of the tradition of genuine "Magic" and as Mystery Performers we can also learn from those schools of thoughts, toward a deeper integration and exploration in our own arts.

Gracias Alejandro por todo tu arte sanador 



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