Quote of the Week: Eugene Burger

(Photo: Michael Caplan )

Today, Eugene reminds us about the fundamental importance of the relation between impact and proactive preparation.

WHY are you performing that piece?


A very simple way to understand impact is by the meaning of the piece. 

Lets observe an example. Two performers can take the same method (lets say a billet technique). One of them achieves a confusing puzzle, the other one a pure moment of telepathy.

What is the difference? Clearly is not in the mechanical aspects of the Inner Reality. Both performers achieve the mechanical result in a competent way. In easy terms, no one "caught them" which is really a very basic achievement. 

Being able to understand the core mechanical aspects of a piece is just the beginning of your path. Now it comes the deeper work in your Inner Reality:

What is the meaning of this piece?
How can we co-create an interaction that can truly be a profound experience?

This is not about being a storyteller or about doing a long-winded performance with a fake tone of voice, but about authenticity. As soon as you open your own experiences, wisdom, and inner Magic, you will be able to take whichever method in Magic or Mentalism and offer a truly unique experience.

Eugene reminds us that we need to do all these observations BEFORE the performance. This is part of the Inner Reality work. Study the core aspects of the method, practicing the needed mechanical actions, writing a script that you can use as guideline of your intentions, rehearsing as if you are performing, and only then, you are able to perform a piece that is truly your own.

Eugene was a powerful example of deeper impact. This is not just chance or luck, is reflection, time and energy.

This week, perform only one piece, but truly take it as a piece of art that you can share with your audiences and participants.

Thanks Eugene for you all your wonderful wisdom 

BTW, if you are interested in a creative system to be able to observe meaning, check "Evitaerc"


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