Quote of the Week: Terence Mckenna

This week, a new beautiful quote from author and psychonaut Terence Mckenna, which allows us to observe a powerful mission that we take in Magic and Mentalism as soon as we embrace them as "art".

Do you consider your Mentalism an artform?
Are you open to consider it an artform?

I understand when people perform Magic or Mentalism "just as hobby" without any explicit artistic connotations, but as soon as you understand your practices as arts, you will allow yourself to be open to new facets of what we can do.

Magic and Mentalism are not arts perse, but they can be arts in the practice of an artist ( as any human activity). Anything that we do contains the seed of beauty.

Every human being is a potential artist. You dont need "to be good", as if there is a strict criteria that you need to fulfill. Just be open, vulnerable and authentic, and you will find your own art. 

Open your palette of art appreciation. Dont just consume Magic or Mentalism, but explore all arts and surround your mind and soul. That will bring inspiration in your own way, and how knows, maybe that trick that you are doing can reach a new level of expression in yourself. 

We need powerful artists, that can bring empowerment, goodness and beautiful truths, especially in this times in which we can feel hopeless.

Art is not about "entertainment", lets go beyond our own conceptual notions. Art can heal, stimulate, break the limits of verbal languages and unite humankind.

Our soul, our emotions and our present moment can be rescued from the depths of despair thanks to the experience that art can bring. BE the one that offers art to others and offer your inner beauty.

Thanks Terence for your novel inspiration!


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