Powerful Question: Where do our thoughts come from?

Welcome to a new Mentalism Center Section: "Powerful Questions"

 I love how questions appear everywhere, and this is one that we can use both for the cultivation of our own Inner Reality and as introduction of several themes during performance.

For this question, we can asume answers such as: Our brain, ourselves, and other variants.
But, let me ask you something: 

What if the answer involves other source?

Every person has unique characteristics, both strengths and aspects of improvement.
Choose one of your strengths and name it outloud...

Ohh... that is highly fascinating...and you feel that this word came from yourself, right?

Because as you can see, I am holding a little piece of paper, from the beginning of this interaction, and we can read that it says: ....

Maybe our thoughts can be influenced...lets be influenced then by positive influences.



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