Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Today, one of the most powerful quotes from the master Carl Jung, one that has many layers of interpretation and it is completely relevant in our own path as Mystery Students and Performers.

How can we offer authenticity if we dont know ourselves?
How can we work in our weakness if we dont confront them?

The "Tree" metaphor is used universally as a symbol of growth, expansion, natural being, realms of existence and much more. That is why I offer "Tree Model" in my work (in the Mentalism Course we guide all four sessions with the basic observation of it) as a powerful guideline of understanding.

Our roots can reach the depth of our psyche, and with that, we can integrate every notion of our self into our performance. 

In one simple and deep line: "Know thyself"

You can read 10.000 books and learn 10.000 tricks, but if your actions dont come from a true source of authenticity, you will be one of the 10.000.

Be different, be bold and explore your own mind. That is where you will find the needed originality that your performances pieces need.

The invitation for this week then is to go inside, observe your own daily life, appreciate your stories and pour them into your studies and performances. You dont need more tricks, you need more authenticity. You can buy tricks, but you cant buy authenticity, and thats the challenge.

If you need coaching, we have several Online Services that you can take.

Thanks Dr. Jung for your powerful insights!



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