Quote of the Week: Dale Carnegie

A powerful piece of wisdom that we can cultivate and nurture during this week from Dale Carnegie, the writer of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and many other powerful books. 

(by the way, did you check our "Influence Book Test"?) 

This quote has various levels of observation, lets contemplate the practical applications for us as Mystery Performers.

What is your intention when performing?

Do you want to impress people? Be the center of the party?
Convince them that you are psychic?
Offer people and artistic experience of mental mystery?

The structure of those questions are normally the common way in which we grow and mature in Mentalism. First we want to be center of attention, be the one that has something unique to say. Then we deal with the notion of "credibility", acting as if we are the pure center of attention.
Then, through experience and openness we language the reality of performance in a different way. Yes, in the Inner Reality we are the agents of responsibility. It is my duty to practice and rehearse, but then in the mysterious act of performance, the focus shifts. In the Outer Reality, the audience and ultimately the experience of mystery are the true focus.

We are supposedly experts of the mind, but we rarely use the true potential of our mind. It is easier to trick people (and ourselves) but at the long term, it is far simpler to just take the complex path of self-knowledge and encounter your own inner potential of authenticity.

Another reading that we can do is the inner attention that we can have during performance. If you didnt practice your techniques, or if you didnt truly rehearse your performance, your mind energy will flow towards those aspect, losing deeper connection and interaction with your audience, as well as distracting your audience from the true value of performance.
People can feel that. Maybe the cant recognize the specific reason why the performance was not the best, but they feel that your mind was in other place.

Dont let that happen to you. Your practice and rehearse are the stages in which you can focus your mind in all those subtle aspects, but then as soon as you start your performance, all those details must be part of your subconscious.

This week, manage your focus and be aware of the deeper potential of your mind.

Thanks Dale for your constant inspiration! 


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