What is the mind?

It is truly incredible (in the negative side) to talk with a Mentalist and realize that he or she does not understand what is this basic concept that we constantly use.

Mentalism can be understood as the art of the mysteries of the mind, the aesthetic exploration of this universal phenomena of consciousness.

Invest some time and watch this interesting videos, from different perspectives, so you can start to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, and with that, opening new dimensions of impact in your performance

Mingyur Rinpoche,  a master buddhist monk 

J. Krishnamurti, philosopher and spiritual teacher 

 Dr. Antonio Damasio , Portuguese-American neuroscientist

The last one from Claudio Naranjo, an incredible master and Chilean psychiatrist
I added some guitar harmonies in this piece, so even if you dont understand spanish, you can enjoy the music

This is just the beginning.
Continue your own study so you can constantly 
improve your Mystery Performance.



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