Emotional Script Technique

A very simple and very powerful scripting technique that I intuitively understood in my beginnings is the conscious awareness of each specific emotions or sensations that I needed to communicate in each piece in such a way that the impact of the performance can be felt with deeper results.

Mystery, in the emotional level, is the first archetypal emotion that we want to convey, and from that felt sensation of confronting the unknown we can also add and intent other emotions. 

As always, in order to find a result outside, we need to change the inside. If you want to communicate an emotion, the first (and only) thing is to FEEL that emotion.

Lets see an example:

 I will perform "Reminder" for my next gig. I know that this is a piece that allows you to connect with your participant in a subtle and beautiful way, so I need to be careful of the awareness of the emotions that are needed in this performance.

Obviously if I approach this piece with too much energy, the emotions associated to that level of action are incongruent with the main theme. Being able to manage those slow paces can create in your overall performance a great tessitura of possibilities.

In the case of this piece, the three main emotions that offer company to the felt mystery presented are: 

1. Calm
2. Hope
3. Self-Love

So if I FEEL those emotions first, I will be able to communicate those emotions using this performance piece, and be able to enhance the impact of the experience.

In simple words:

If YOU feel it, they will feel it.

Be aware of the emotional script of your performances, and be a better Mystery Performer! 



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