Quote of the Week-Alan Moore

A powerful insights from the Magician Alan Moore (no, he doesnt do card tricks)
His understanding of Magic goes beyond the trickster and entertainment function. He pushes us to understand Mystery Performance as a valid artform, in which we are able to convey a needed message to the world.

What is the needed message for your audience today?
Are you doing just meaningless tricks without attention to the needs of your participants?

We can transform our performances pieces in beautiful vehicles of enchantment. We can polish our script in such a way that becomes an authentic space of expression and connection.

We are in a global pandemic situation, we are in times of extreme dualism and hateful attitudes. Lets spread joy, lets spread the wonders of the mind, lets share with our audiences the blessing of life through our mysterious games.

Lets see a basic example, that you can apply today with anyone in virtual situations or face-to-face performance (if you can):

7 beautiful colored stones are used to select a specific zone in the participant´s body (for this I use the Arkanosophy Chakra Stones), while you show a piece of paper as prediction. 

The participant selects one of them freely, the green stone, which corresponds to the heart. Then you ask the participant to feel any sensations in that area while you focus on that. The participant declares that she is indeed feeling a warmth sensation.

The prediction is opened: "Thanks for choosing the aventurine (green stone). You will feel more and more the energy in your heart even after the performance."

As you can see, a beautiful experience in which you are sharing two different mysteries that can impact your participant in great ways. Everyone needs a little bit of attention, a little bit of good energies, and you can offer that with this simple piece.

The core method? It truly doesnt matter. Personally I use Equivoque (if you want to learn more about this powerful technique you can get our Online Course) but you can use any type of similar technique that allows you that final result.

Ok... but the energetic feeling? That is a more advanced set of skills that are related to hypnosis (and again, you can take our Hypnosis Online Course to learn this and more)

Mentalism, Magic and every Mystery Performance that you do can be an artform. You can be an artist of the mysteries of the mind. Surround your life with art, beauty and learn how to transform your normal performance into an artistic experience for your audience.

Thanks Alan! 



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