Quote of the Week: Joseph Campbell

 One of the classic and authors in comparative mythology and religion reminds us today the transversal nature of awe in human existence.

Awe is not just an emotion that we felt for a brief moment (as any emotion) but the door of new insights and a reminder of our limited nature. Awe is a symbol of the mind that we can reach through our performance.

Awe allows us to connect to the transcendent, to the philosophical path, still we insist in performing meaningless tricks. Is what allows us as human race to progress, to connect with the cycles of life and learn that nature teaches us how to advance through the beauty of awe. All natural phenomena, from the most simple to the most complex one, shows us our awe-potential in Mystery Performance.

In my new book "Symbolic Artifacts" we observe Mystery Performance in symbolic ways, in order to advance and improve our possibilities. Maybe you dont need new tricks, but you need a new paradigm in order to do those tricks in better ways.

You dont need to be mediocre. You dont need to do the same tricks as everyone else.As soon as you become a Mystery Student, you will reach deeper and higher levels, doing the same tricks, but doing them with conscious awareness of the symbols that are present.

Explore your authenticity, take the inner journey and expand your performer-self.

Dont just be awesome, be Awe!

Thanks Mr. Campbell for your beautiful quote 


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