Beauty as Meaning

Sometimes the exploration of meaning in Mystery Performance becomes a struggle.

What is the symbolic implication of my performance piece?
What is the meaning of this specific routine?

In my newest book "Symbolic Artifacts" we explore aspects of meaning and the symbolic depth of Mystery Performance, but a simple one that you can start to contemplate right now, without any deeper study is "beauty".
Beauty if both meaning and a path of deeper meaning and because Mystery Performance has great artistic potential, we can ask ourselves some important questions to explore this source of meaning.

Lets observe a simple example:

You will perform for your participant a classic telepathic experience using your favorite CT (if you dont know any CT, you can learn the "Minimal Tear" at "Simply Mental")

A couple of key questions are:

"What is the beauty of this performance?"
"How can I amplify the beauty of this moment?"

If we are not aware of the source of "beauty" of this performance piece, we will not accentuate those specific moments, losing potential of deeper impact. 

Lets recognize two moments of beauty in this piece:
1. The moment of the initial telepathic process 
2. The final moment of the revelation 

1. Thanks to all our technical possibilities in the realm of communication, we can create deeper connections with our participant to create the initial process of the telepathic experience. As you can see, is not about the CT, but what comes AFTER.
The CT is just the procedure, dont focus on that in your Outer Reality. The focus needs to be during these moments of beauty, that open for you a new understanding of the meaning of your performance.
Now you can connect with your participant, and start this telepathic moments, observing the deeper beauty of this experience. Eye-to-eye connection, empathy, psychological artifacts and more can guide you towards the deeper understanding of the meaning of telepathy as phenomena and the narrative of the specific case.

2. After the process of telepathic connection, now comes the moment of the revelation of the specific thought. In this space you will also find beauty that you can accentuate in order to explore the meaning of this specific moment.

(you can even add a third moment of beauty, which is the conversation after the revelation, which opens the interaction beyond the performance)

Beauty can be everywhere, and it can be a guide towards the understanding of the meaning of our performance. As you can see meaning is not something that we need to add, but something that we need to contemplate.

Observe the beauty of your performances pieces, and intent meaning with awareness and power.



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