Arkanosophy Ring


(after your order we will contact you for your size ring)

The "Arkanosophy Ring" can be your new wearable mystery tool. 
Rings are symbols of power and if you apply the "Tree Model" in your Mystery Performance, this stainless steel ring is the perfect everyday accessory that will bring powerful moments of inner work and new possibilities in performance. 

With your order you will receive a  complementary eBook in which you will learn

1. Tree Symbolism:  Reflections on the tree as symbol.

2. Connebration: Any object, a participant and interesting moments of mysterious interaction of "which hand?"

3. Vibrations: An impromptu pendulum experience that becomes a simple and beautiful gift for your participant

3. Secret techniques using your Arkanosophy Ring

4. Inner work practices using your Arkanosophy Ring

Symbol awareness is a powerful skill to develop as Mystery Performer, so be in constant focus to the symbolic with your new "Arkanosophy Ring". 


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