Quote of the Week: Enrique Enriquez

 Tarot Poet, Bird Linguist and a truly authentic artist, Enrique Enriquez is without a doubt one of the essential outsider birds in Mystery Performance. If you dont know his contributions to Mentalism, you can check his amazing "Act of Imagination" in here 

If you are a intermediate student of Magic and Mentalism, going beyond the beginner level of understanding, you are now observing how this beautiful performance arts transform you from the inside out. If you compare your self before starting in this path of learning and exploration, you can see what I mean.

During the experience, we slowly start to understand how is that our presence in itself is the ultimate perfomance, as Enrique said. In "Simply Mental II" you will find the essay called "conversational mysteries", which alludes to an ontological observation of Mystery Performance. In simple words, how you can become the performance that you are doing. 

First we perform a mystery, but then we learn how to BE mystery.

Open your being to this possibility, and I can declare with confidence that your performances for people will improve exponentially. As soon as you flow with your acts you will become not just a better performer, but a better human being.

Now we can understand Shakespeare words: "All the world's a stage" in a new way, right?

Thanks Enrique for your poetic life!



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