Quote of the Week: Nikola Tesla

It is fascinating to notice the inherent mysterious unity of science and magic, the physical and the metaphysical, and today we feature a powerful quote from the genius Nikola Tesla.

Most of the times when we talk about concepts such as energy or vibration, we dismiss those idea as "pseudoscience", when in reality we can observe that at the core, the mysteries of our reality can be seen in an integral way from both lenses. 

As Mystery Performers, we are the ones that can bring these concepts to life in a beautiful and impactful way. We can not just talk about energies, but manifest the power of intention using psychokinesis, pendulum experiences and much more. We can bring to our shared reality during performance the beauty of this ideas. It is well known that the great billet master Bert Reese convinced Thomas Alva Edison of this unique psychic skills:

"I am certain that Reese was neither a medium nor a fake. I saw him several times and on each occasion I wrote something on a piece of paper when Reese was not near or when he was in another room. In no single case was one of these papers handled by Reese, and some of them he never saw, yet he recited correctly the contents of each paper."

Who knows?

That is why we offer the "Hermetic Mentalism Online Course" , specifically designed for all students of the mystic arts with the intention to bring these concepts into performance with new awareness of the deeper possibilities of our art.

Thanks Mr. Tesla for your wonderful openness, inventions and wisdom



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