Mentalism as Qualia


What is Qualia? 
1. a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person.
2.  individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

Basically, qualia is a philosophical concept that reminds us that each human being perceives reality in an unique way, and the experience of Mentalism is no exception.

In order to understand Mystery Performance we reduce the complete experience as "effect" (or Outer Reality in Birreal language) so we can visualize a clear goal and line of events that allows our audience to perceive the presented act, but at the core of the phenomena of Mentalism and any other Mystery Performance, each member of the audience will perceive the moment in an unique way.

For our audiences, Mentalism is a Qualia. 
If you have a audience of 2000 people, although you will perform one act, you will be able to recollect 2000 unique experiences. For sure, most of them will be unified in the "Outer Reality" (she read his mind, he was able to bend metal) but they will also contain unique perceptions, which are part of the natural projections that each member of the audience does to the performance.

The invitation then is to study in clear ways both the Inner and Outer Reality of our performance, while remembering that always Mentalism is a qualia, and we can use that insight in the benefit of the impact of our performance.


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