Quote of the Week: Rumi

This week, we invite Rumi (poet and Sufi mystic) with a beautiful reminder that we can keep in our mind and soul.

We are in times in which people are feeling lonely, and we can offer beautiful reminders through our performance. The magical nature of reality, the secrets behind meaning, the incredible potential that we have to move the world, and all the mysteries that we can contemplate through the poetic mind.

The hermetic wisdom talks about "correspondence" (as above, so below), showing us our inherent power to be aware of the outer universe as a projection of our inner universe.

Transform your Inner Reality 
and you will transform your Outer Reality.

Do you feel low self-confidence?
Expand your sense of self and you will understand new depths in your being. You are capable of growth, expansion and deeper explorations. Write down your present characteristics (real self) and write at the side the characteristics of your future ideal self.  Now you can take a 3rd task and write clear actions that can allow you to BE that future ideal self.

If you discipline yourself, you will transform your mind and understand in a deeper way the wisdom from Rumi.

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Thanks Rumi for your wonderful mystic poetry 


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