Quote of the Week: Dai Vernon

A classic idea, a fundamental philosophy and eternal exploration, from one of the most relevant magical creators in 20th century, Dai Vernon´s spirit is still alive in many magicians around the world thanks to the importance that he gave to "naturalness".

"Be Natural" is an axiom that we can apply into every practice that we follow. Any artform and conversation can reach powerful levels of authenticity if we truly understand what is means to be "natural".

One of the ways in which we can understand this powerful wisdom is learning the "wuwei" concept from Taoism. 
Wuwei can be understood as "non-action" which is not the opposite of action, but a deeper way of action, in which everything that we do is one with our "beingness".
(this is a concept that we explore in deeper ways in our Mentalism Course

You are natural as soon as your performance doesnt feel like a separate object. You are natural when you flow with the piece that you are performing, in such a way that you naturally invite your audience into a trance of new possibilities.

The audience can feel naturalness, in the same way that an audience can feel when actions and ideas are "forced". Dont force nothing in yourself, allow your own path to unfold in yourself as self-knowledge. Know yourself through your rehearsal so you can understand how YOU can communicate what you want to communicate using that specific performance piece.

Nature is natural. Nature doesnt "try" to be natural, just is. A flower doesnt try to flourish, is part of flower´s nature to just flourish.

You are natural as soon as you find your own way to flow without effort.

You can be natural in your script and narrative, in the simple procedures that you apply in your piece (Vernon´s original Triumph is a prime example of this), you can be natural in the interaction with your audience, etc.

Explore your own "naturalness" and reach new levels of excellence and authenticity in your performance.

Thanks Mr. Vernon for your philosophy and natural creations!



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