Transgenerational Wisdom

One of the possibilities of observing our roots (Tree Model from the Mentalism Course) is the understanding of a lineage of cultural wisdom and insights, in which each one of us is an unaware result, until now.

The observation of your "Transgenerational Wisdom" will bring new life and appreciation of your family traditions, the philosophy of your ancestors, and new ideas for your Mystery Performance.

Maybe you ancestors came from other country (my great grandfather was Greek) or in your family there is a clear philosophy of life, spiritual wisdom or religious traditions. We can learn from everything if we learn how to alchemize the constructive potential of those ideas. Normally we observe our genealogy when we recognize a common issue or pathology, lets also observe the potential of wellness, growth and integration.

Thanks to the curiosity that my grandfather influence in me in Greek philosophy and spirituality I was able to recognize new fascinating concepts, understandings and opportunities for my own work as performer. Because I was born in Chile, I also feel great attraction to Latinoamerican wisdom and connection to Nature. 

I am sure that you will find at least one new insights that you can bring to your present.



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