Quote of the Week: Theodore Annemann

This week, a funny and powerful quote from master Theo regarding the power of naturalness as performers.  

Lets face it, we are different people, and we need to embrace that diversity in order to achieve a natural attitude. Using the Birreal language, we can be a little bit crazy in the inside and fully integrated in the outside.

Inner chaos, outer order.

Be the one that can share this fascinating mysteries of the mind and at the same time be natural and casual in normal interactions. Be a good listener, and talk just when needed. That mysterious attitude can be a powerful factor in your essence as performer. Be the secret agent of Mystery.

Know yourself in order to be yourself. Accept yourself as you are, and utilize every potential as part of your integrated self. 

You dont need to perform everytime, but we can BE in the mystery state of contemplation every time, allowing those ideas and inspiration to transform your self from the inside.

In that way, you can be a positive contribution to any social situation, and you will be invited to dinner. Be the normal person with abnormal abilities and no just the abnormal person. Is not about social acceptance, but inner one. 

Thanks for your perennial wisdom and humor Theo


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