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Thanks Richard for your beautiful words

"Symbolic Artifacts" is available (pre-order) 

I love to read works by my peers not only to learn new effects and handlings, but to learn the way they think! I have always admired Pablo, he is a good friend, so when he sent me Symbolic Artifacts I was very excited.

 Well, it took me multiple readings of the book before
 I felt comfortable to write this review.
 This is a “heady” book that  really is a voyage into Pablo’s mind. Where do I start?     The first point is that Pablo always takes Mentalism to a deeper lever. You can instantly tell he loves what he is doing and the people he is doing it for. 

Symbolic Artifacts takes you through a thorough discussion of the meaning of Symbols their complex nature. Symbolic awareness, their use in communication and language along with why they are relevant is discussed. Artifacts, and how they bring our Mentalism into a higher level start putting everything together to create true beauty and mystery is fascinating to read. 
Giving our work deeper meaning by its understanding should open your mind to a new experience.     

Rituals and pendulums are discussed along with the use of Silence and Forcing. The chapter called Birrealism and Symbolism which talks about your inner and outer symbols in performing was one I really got into. There is so much meaning in this easy to read and understand book. 
And I have hardly even started! 
What I have talked about so far is not even half the book!    

 The bottom line is, if you are a thinking performer who really loves his art and wants to make it everything is should be, you need to get this book. It is wonderful!     
Richard Osterlind



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