Quote of the Week: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Today we invite Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky with this powerful and interesting quote about wisdom.

"Fool" is a word that is a constant in most conversation about Magic and Mentalism. Our task is to "fool" people, right? Well, if you believe that, you will do it, but Mystery Performance is not about deception, but deeper truths. 

In this context, the use of the word "fool" is a kind reminder of our limitations. We are the eternal student, and that is also present in "The Fool" from Tarot. 

We can know a lot, we can understand a lot, but that is not enough. Being humble about your own limitations is essential, only in that way you will be in constant exploration of the possibilities of understanding.

As a practical exercise, every full moon, remember this quote from Fyodor, and be brave to recognize the absurdity of claiming knowledge in an universe full of infinite mysteries.

Have a wonderful (and foolish)  week! 


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