Fear & Mystery Performance

According APA, Fear is:
 a basic, intense emotion aroused by the detection of imminent threat, involving an immediate alarm reaction that mobilizes the organism by triggering a set of physiological changes

Fear is a basic emotion that allows us to protect from danger.  All emotions are valid and part of daily life, being "fear" one of them. If we observe through the Mystery Performances, we can see that sometimes, and especially in these times of the year, we can facilitate a fearful experience in order to bring a new mysterious experience to your audience.

There are many pieces in Magic and Mentalism that convey and inherent uncomfortable sense of fear.  Being able to move a pen/pencil with your mind power (or spirit aid), or being able to touch someone at distance, and many other examples.

We can observe our pieces from the emotional lens and recognize all possible emotions that we can facilitate for others, and especially with fear we need to be careful so our performance becomes a empowering experience and not a weakening one.

A good question to ponder is:

Why am I creating this experience of mysterious fear for my audience?

I love Bizarre Magick in various sense, but a constant critique that appears in my mind after almost all performances is...why?

I have a great friend in Argentina that is a master of Bizarre Magick, but the great difference is that he clearly has a deeper purpose of WHY he is performing in that manner. 

It is fun to scare people for sure, but lets go beyond and lets perform meaningful experiences. Awakening, and not weakening, remember that and you will be able to use fear in your performance in a powerful way.

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