Quote of the Week: Omar Khayyam

We invite today Omar Khayyam, Persian polymath, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet, and this simple and beautiful insights about the nature of the present.

Are you accepting the moment as is? 
Are you in contentment?

Happiness is a byproduct of a blissfull life. Experiencing the present in fullness is not about feeling "positive emotions" but a decision of acceptance and gratefullness.

If you truly see your life, you will be aware of this practical truth. Happiness is not a goal, but a natural happening.

I assume that for you, Mentalism is a source of happiness, creativity and purpose. Mentalism is a powerful artform, a beautiful hobby and an eternal source of inspiration and insights about the true nature of the mind.

This precise moment, while you read this reflection, is your life. Then in the the near future, your life will manifest through other experience. Life is a beautiful, magical and mysterious present. 

Enjoy your time wisely and share powerful Mentalism for others!

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Have a beautiful week full of life!


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