Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

Today, we feature a powerful and simple definition by Richard Webster, a master Mystery Performer and author. It is fine to interpret concepts as we want, but fundamentally we need to learn from the masters in order to truly understand the art and science of our studies.

Some time ago I read someone claiming that Cold Reading was pure BS and stereotypes, which honestly feels completely out of any ethical practice. Dont believe everything that you read, especially if the depth of the conversation suggest mere pretension.

Cold Reading, as Richard says, is simply the art of deeper connection through an oracle. Sometimes the oracle is the participant itself, or sometimes an object such as Tarot or other tool.

Is not about "pretending", "faking psychic powers" or "fooling" but true exploration of the mystery of interpreting symbols. Personally I reject the use of "Barnum Statements" in favour of intuitive and psychological techniques of observation and conversation.

I love Richard´s clearness and innocence in his definition. The "coldness" of cold reading is not about being "cold" with the participant but the capacity of connection with someone without a previous relation or knowledge.

Being a good reader is all about being a the here-and-now, present to the experience with the person, offering our genuine care, time and skill to offer a deeper symbolic conversation.

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Thanks Richard for your constant inspiration! 


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