Quote of the Week-Eugene Burger

Halloween is coming, and what a better time to invoke the master Eugene Burger and his fascinating approach to Mystery Performance. 

spirit (n.) mid-13c., "animating or vital principle in man and animals," from Anglo-French spirit, Old French espirit "spirit, soul" (12c., Modern French esprit) and directly from Latin spiritus "a breathing (respiration, and of the wind), breath; breath of a god," hence "inspiration; breath of life," hence "life;" also "disposition, character; high spirit, vigor, courage; pride, arrogance," related to spirare "to breathe,"

A true mystery worker is able to create a true mysterious experience, using Magic or Mentalism in a powerful and congruent manner. It is fine to differentiate Magic and Mentalism as allied arts, but in the genuine Mystery Performer as Eugene, we can see that he goes beyond labels.

As he declares, talking about spirits during performance can bring a new sense of mystery to your act, only if you understand how to manage that profound topic. If you are open to integrate the "spirits" in your performance, it is essential to really explore the different ways in which we can understand this age-old theme.

It is very temptive to just fake understanding and just move that pencil with your mind claiming that the spirits are doing it, but everyone can be a fake and a liar. Dont be one more of the group, and truly study the story of spiritualism and different authors that can give you deeper insights.

Are you interested in this type of ideas? Be sure to check Aaron Vlack,  Art Vanderlay, P. Peterson and Carlos Emesqua work, especially his "Emesqua on Spirit Magic"

Dont reject a topic just because sounds "silly" or "irrational". If you are open to explore new possibilities, go beyond and integrate new ideas into your repertoire.

Thanks dear Eugene for your constant spiritual inspiration!



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