Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

This week, we invite master Kenton Knepper with this simple and beautiful insight about the power of words and the affect that they can have.

What is the intention of your words in performance?

A very simple way to recognize the nature of our words appears with the competition/collaboration duality. 

Are your words aimed to create a competitive ambience, or an invitation to collaborate towards the experience of the performance?

 Are you trying to "fool" or "deceive" your audience? Or you want to facilitate a space of mysterious exploration? 

All words and acts of language that we create during performance has inherent intention. Our task as Mystery Performance is to be aware of the symbolic meaning of your words and use that linguistic energy in the same way that we use the energy and power of our props and methods.

Words are methods, words are Magic, words are vehicles of meaning.
Your script is your spell.

In our "Reading" Online Course we explore the use of language in deeper detail so you can understand in better ways what we are talking in here.

Thanks my dear Kenton for your constant inspiration!



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