Quote of the Week: Byung-Chul Han

Today we invite contemporary philosopher Byung-Chul Han to our "Quote of the Week" with this deep reflection about the present times of superficiality and appearance.

The Internet is clearly a powerful revolution and source of energy that we need to learn how to integrate in healthy ways in our life. If we dont do this conscious action, we will be soon absorbed to a culture full of false truths, fake news and values that can destroy the essential spirit of humankind.

How many times you buy new products without taking the time to study them?
How many times you talk about something in which you dont really have personal experience?

That is why at Mentalism Center we focus in both the wonderful opportunities of the hyper-connectivity that we experience and the needed awareness to truly keep the balance between the shape and the background.

Yes, we can have multiple sources of information but remember that having is not knowing. We can have a lot of online "friends" but it is also fundamental to go out there and perform your mental mysteries. It is ok to have an opinion, but it is essential to value silence.

Dont accept this destructive trances of the post-modern times and lets evolve into a deeper paradigm of integration and wisdom. What I find fascinating is that Mystery Performance can be a powerful art towards this new space in which we can co-habit. 

Thanks Byung-Chul Han for your great insights.




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